What I wish feminists understood about “male privilege”

Preface: this isn’t to bash feminism in any way, only to try to educate.

If you spend any time around feminists, chances are that you’ve heard the term “male privilege”. Basically the idea that men have it easier due to a “patriarchy” and get special privileges that women don’t, such as the wage gap and less risk of harm from the opposite sex (or the same sex for that matter).

This makes sense when you look at the most high status men in the world, but some people think this “male privilege” extends to all men, even men of the lowest status.

The high-status and good looking men (Chads), I agree, have special privileges that everyone else doesn’t. However, to imply that low-status, ugly men like myself enjoy those same privileges is wrong. I am on the bottom rung of society. I have been physically attacked before for the way I look. I am not exempt from these risks simply because I am a male.

“Male privilege” should be renamed to “alpha male privilege”. Beta males certainly don’t have it.

Personally, I think when modern feminists moan and groan about “male privelege”, it’s more about how they see how men are, for example, usually more likely to be taken seriously when they have a medical problem, or how people automatically assume things about a person’s character solely based on their gender, usually perceiving it to be in favor of the side of men.
I personally can’t recall any specific type of privelege feminists typically complain about that in practice only pertains to one grouping of men, but I’d like to know more?
I’ve kinda, made it a mission of mine to understand, to the best of my ability, how our society puts women AND men in their own sets of disadvantages. Love her or hate her, I think Contrapoints brings it up in one of her latest videos the best. Men have their own struggles to deal with, and one of the most prominent difference in how men are treated is because of snap-judgements. Men are more likely to be automatically perceived as a threat, or have some kind of “warning” sign when they first meet someone who is female. I know for a fact that I struggle with that myself, such as being in situations when I’m walking alone. Am I justified in treating men with weariness when I’m essentially defenseless? Is it okay for me to eye a man with suspicion before he even speaks a single word to me? Am I simply being paranoid or safe?
I was raised by a mother who grew up in rough neighborhoods, a Cuban immigrant with no money to her name, and who has literally been held at gunpoint by men before. Does this excuse me and my automatic reactions to the men around me? I don’t have those answers, and maybe I never will.
But I also know that it must really f-ing suck to be seen as dangerous for simply existing. As a 5’3 chubby girl, I don’t really think I’ll ever be anywhere close to that feeling.
Sorry for the rant, but I really feel strongly about making sure that even though we live in a society most consider to be “patriarchal”, there are still plenty of men who face adversity because of it. And yes, there’s a crap ton of things I haven’t covered, such as the expectations placed upon men to be everything and have everything for their families, all while keeping up the “strong and silent” facade, but I don’t want to eat up this entire thread with words many won’t care to read

I would like to add that this was just in regards to gender only, not socioeconomic status. Obviously, many of the things that men face today could be helped with a neighborhood that is in a nice area, money, and nice, possibly expensive clothes. All of the previously mentioned would ease some of the automatic concern many women have around unknown men, whether or not it’s actually deserved. So obviously, there are men who have it worse than others when it comes to their side of dealing with society today, just as there are women who have their own struggles based on their socioeconomic status.

Excuse me, I need to hurl.

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Not sure what you’re going on about.

Women have every bit as much control over their socioeconomic status as men do. If they choose to take a degree in Gender Studies, that’s their problem. And even then, there’s always “Plan B” in terms of finding some beta buxxer. Of course females may find that the supply of beta buxxers is drying up as I type this, replaced by demotivated if not woke NEETs.

Yeah, I didn’t mean to imply that men are necessarily more advantaged with their ability to affect their own socioeconomic status. I was trying to say how not only are there problems pertaining to both sexes in how society views them, but with when taken into account how society views people, in general, who are lower on the rung of the societal ladder, things get muddy.
I haven’t slept in 2 days, so if I’m still not making sense, I’m sorry

How feminists think the hierarchy goes:

  1. Men
  2. Women

What the hierarchy actually is:

  1. Tiny minority of top Men
  2. Women
  3. The majority of men

Case in point… the average male lives a shittier life than the average female, but somehow the number of CEOs is relevant and makes all of this okay.

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I don’t like feminism very much either, but I’m just trying to set a good example for the forum.