What’s your biggest turn off?


Looks-wise, fat body and scars.

Personality-wise, lesbianism.

Being a lesbian is a personality now? Lol

If the girl is a true lesbian she won’t be dating me. I mean that stupid bisexuality thing that whores seem to love nowadays.

Hmmmm idk I’m not getting into that one.

I mean this:

It’s nauseating that bisexuality among females is socially accepted now.

Guys can be bi too.

But it isn’t a turn off for me because I don’t date guys.

Hmmm so your jealous or worried that she’d find a girl and leave you?

If bestiality was socially accepted would you be jealous? No, you’d be disgusted (I hope).

I’m disgusted, not something else.

It’s not the same thing though.

There’s the theory that “lesbianism” and blatant Chadsexualism go hand-in-hand.

The theory goes that females mostly become bisexual because they’re so disgusted by non-Chads but so horny at the same time, well, they need something when Chad isn’t around or willing to spend his time on them. Anything but a non-Chad of course. Animals, other females, nonbinary freaks… anything is better to them than us. Out of necessity, the feeling here towards them is mutual.

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Then why are some men bi?

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At this point I so feel revolted and nauseated that I’m 100% sure their disgust for me cannot exceed my disgust for them. They just cannot win this battle.

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I sometimes look at the bright side of involuntary celibacy, which is not interacting with those chadsexual females.

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I’m not bi. But I think people have different fetishes and sexuality that I’m not going to shame.

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It’s not so much the attraction/fetish as is the reasoning behind why it occurs.

If a significant number of females view us as lower than animals or other females (despite being bisexual or “straight”) in terms of sexual appeal, it’s pretty insulting.

One way of looking at it is that perhaps not every (but still most) bisexual female is highly chadsexual, but that most highly chadsexual females also happen to be bisexual. An example of a female bisexual that might not be any more chadsexual than the average female would be a female that looks more masculine or cross dresses, extreme tomboy, and such.

So if a male encounters a female that openly claims her bisexuality (hell, especially if she states bisexual but with a preference for females), she will be regarded with extreme suspicion in terms of being misandrist and/or an extreme chadsexual.

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Thanks God.

But I am, because they deserve it.

But I did have a female friend who kept touching me inappropriately and tried to kiss me when I was younger. We aren’t friends anymore. She was pretty weird.

As to why some men are bi, I am not sure.

The theory for that would be the opposite of female bisexuality in terms of the theoretical framework I have laid out (where female bisexuality occurs from female hypergamy cutting out too many potential mates).

In terms of male bisexuality, that is likely a product of male polygamous tendencies (AKA more specifically the higher overall sex drive). Evidence for this is the extreme number of sexual partners observed in homosexual males.