What this world is

this world is purgatory.

After playing this game i vow to never buy fast food again

imagine standing around for 5 hours at a repetitive job

how many cows must die so that we can continue our miserable lives

spongebob is a cuck and squidward and plankton are the heroes of bikini bottom

I suppose it wouldn’t make you feel any better knowing that I use to be a meat butcher where I killed all kinds of animals from chickens, pigs, and cows.

Its just a thought metaphor. The irony is the animals sacrificed their lives so that humans could continue in misery. Like cows died so workers could have to flip burgers and be miserable all day serving fast food to corporate wage slaves who are also miserable all day. Its like the giant miserable machine of humanity.

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Yes, much of life is misery, pain, and suffering, but in the middle of all that there are small pleasures, joys, fun, intrigues, or beauty in between. Take the hedonist pill.

Believe me I have took the hedonist pill, but under careful analysis it doesn’t outweigh the misery overall. For example people, on average, work 6 days but take a day off 1 day. There are exceptions of people that live worthwhile lives, like rich people, but the vast majority of human beings have more misery than fun. And now they are trying to ban opiods too because it helps people c ope.

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Besides hedonism there’s also meditative spirituality.

Due to my ADHD i find such things too challenging lol

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Learn to meditate controlling your own thoughts, desires, emotions, and feelings. You will feel better afterwards overtime.

Clear your mind and just let go man…

Not sure how I do that tbh.

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Reading is your friend, I know books are mine.

Plenty of books out there just waiting to be read.

I used to be a reader when I was younger, the years of celibacy made me grow tired of it tbh.

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I love reading, I probably read two books a day. That’s the great thing about living like a celibate monk, I have all the time in the world when I am not working or going to school to read anything I can get my hands on and I like reading just about everything too.

2 books a day? How many pages per book?

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It varies depending on the book or subject material.

What is the min and max?