What you crave

you crave to be adored, to be pretty, and wear pretty clothes. Deep down what you truly crave is a hot mommy gf with thicc thighs riding on top of you as she ascends you to the greatest heights of pleasure.

You crave to be submissive to a thicc stronk mommy gf with wide hips. You crave to lust for her thicc mommy gf pussy just sitting there, her pussy at a perfect 90° angle waiting for you, and adore her undulating and lustful thighs.

Resist the bbc cuck brogramming. Pornhub.com is trying to brainwash soyciety to lust for bbc. This is what the illuminati wants. The illuminati wants males to go home after a long day at the factory and fap to bbc porn then have a bbc boyfriend who is also a cuck. This is the ultra-cuck of serfdom and worker drone slavery. A cuck of such magnitude will never question the system, matrix, or status quo.

The real truth and what you want deep down is not bbc. The bbc is brogramming brainwashing. Bromance is an illusion and not the key to true spiritual ascencion. Deep down what you truly want and crave is a 6’5 mommy gf with thicc thighs.

There is no reason to despair and worry about mommy gfs. Elon musk will save society and its only a matter of time till he creates Thicc mommy gf waifu bots 2.0 for us all.

Spiritual ascendance can only occur when you embrace true nature and lust for thicc mommy gfs.

Karl Marx said that when a male fucks a female this turns the male into a human being. The greatest form of humanity comes from sexual ascendance.

It is said that women are gatekeepers, and vaginal gates are the gates of heaven itself.


deep down you want a stronk woman to flip you upside down, hold u stronkly in her arms and masterfully and strongfully succc your thiccc cream and juices


Yeah, okay.

This is mostly accurate.

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Way too much Hentai guy, I know it’s heresy to say that here probably, but still.

Waifus only exist in an alternate dimension not of our own anyways. In a perfect alternate dimension maybe, but not here.

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