When I literally cannot go to any website without being reminded of inceldom

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When doctors dont want to prescribe medications because it causes low libido but thats why Im taking them

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Basically the first question you get asked when applying for NEETbux:
“Do you have a partner?” :upside_down_face:

Couples actually get to have a better financial situation as they’re able to spend half as much on rent (assuming they’re both working)… and while yes it is possible to get a roommate, it’s really not the same benefit. Especially if you can’t stand being around strangers.

…And people still wonder why incels feel entitled to a relationship.

inceldom is not a disability. nor should it be. nor should any disability “entitle” someone to something.
entitlement breeds ingratitude, and any ungrateful behavior is a shame and should be shameful.

Go to hell alien abomination.

well that escalated quickly…

I just saw this ad on a site
Granted, it was on an adult site, but it was nonetheless thought-provoking (or THOT-provoking)

imagine being the guy making those ads

It’s creative, I’ll give them that (I’m not going to assume their gender :smirk: )

Normally, it’s something like “hot girls waiting for you to call”, but now just ugly girls seems enough to entice some people. The ad seems silly at first glance, but there’s a lot more going on than people might think.

Also, nice to see Big Willy in da house :star_struck: