When the fat ladies and landwhales sing

In another thread I was discussing about how there use to be a time where male incel men could just slum it every once in awhile with fat or overweight chicks for a couple of nights to release some sexual tension. This practice was commonly referred to as, ‘slumming it or digging at the bottom of the barrel’. In high school we use to give men shit for stuff like this calling them chubby chasers.

When I was growing up I’ve known many dudes who would do this but of course they would have to turn the lights off and close their eyes upon these prospects pretending that the landwhale catch of the day was indeed a supermodel just to coom.

That was basically what the pre-internet era was like before digital social media came onto the scene.

This is not the case anymore however, with the rise of the internet and social media even landwhales have become super hypergamous, picky, or judgemental of men where what use to be easy pussy for a couple of nights is no more.

Case in point, when every fat chick or overweight woman has become just as hypergamous as their good looking female counterparts thinking of themselves as female royalty and Katy Perries of the world, it’s really fucking over you guys. The realization that you can’t even get pussy from fat or overweight women any longer, I repeat it’s fucking over.

videos of fat people may be one of the most motivating forces in life

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In some ways after watching that manatee sing I feel a little bit better about myself and think to myself things are not so bad. Lifefuel is real man.

I saw the comments and people making fun of her and then I felt bad.

Like there’s a lot of people as fat as her out there, and no reason to pick on her.

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