Where do I find a stacy?

I don’t know where they go or where I can find one to talk to.

Really any editorial board

(thats huffpost for example)

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The Philippines?

what that Huff Post office needs is MORE blacks


I saw a stacy at the mall, the philippines are kind of far away in comparison.

Chad’s house
Chad’s parties
Cad’s bedroom

etc. etc.

college campuses, then after that maybe receptionists and journalists

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Literally just leave your house. Like 80% of women are Stacies.

me, I am one

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You will find a Stacy at the shopping mall

those are not stacies

Those women are pretty normal looking—just a bunch of media workers who read literary magazines and complain about the MTA on Twitter. I thought Stacy was supposed to be a stereotypical bimbo with Barbie proportions? To be honest I could never tell what people were getting at with all these named archetypes.

There’s a lot in my Yoga, and Spin classes also vegan places

Love is a Stacy, she is just being modest.

Me? Lol no.

What’s a Stacy??

A hot air head girl

I thought it just meant hot.

Idk my interpretation was they are stupid. So I find it as insulting.