Who is your celebrity crush?

If you could only pick one. Bonus points if they are living.

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Eva Green


Hayley Williams circa now

Was not into her emo phase. Not sure if it’s a crush or I just like her music, which is mostly about depression and struggle to an uptempo beat nowadays. If it’s a crush, it’s a shallow crush and the fact that she is blond and skinny is not so unique

Natalie Portman


I can’t say I have a current celebrity crush, however when I was in high school, mid-90’s, I had a huge crush on Helen Hunt. I used to have this exact photo of her that I carried around in my binder. However my crush was more her character from her show, “Mad About You”, rather than her. Married to a geeky documentary filmmaker, no kids (for the first few seasons anyways), a dog, an apartment, and just a young couple in love. This is what I wanted in my life, a life like that. Eventually I realized that my fantasy was just a fantasy, and women like that don’t really exist.

I try not to crush on anyone these days. What’s the point?



Wow. I don’t even follow pop culture anymore. I guess there were celebs I thought were attractive and some I’d jerk off to, but I don’t really like to think like that anymore. I rarely look at porn anymore because I hate how much sexual power women have. It’s just depressing.

In college I had a poster of Sarah Michelle Gellar from the movie Cruel Intentions (she’s mostly known for being on Buffy the Vampire Slayer).

This is a still from the movie:

My GF in college looked like her in that movie if she had gained 30 lbs (this was before THICC women were popular, but I still think I got lucky despite her being overweight). I looked her up on Fakebook. She’s hit the wall, but she didn’t look like she was wearing makeup or had a good camera angle.

I doubt she’d date me as I pulled some real bad mental-cel crap trying to get back together with her in my mid 20s. Plus, my looks have faded a lot more than hers. And I wouldn’t date her now anyways because I’m trans and I’m pretty sure she’s not bisexual.

Kaley Cuoco

Actually now that you mention it I probably will get her 2020 calendar

Gal Gadot

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Hayley Williams circa 2016/2017
I’m extremely shallow.

This is around the time she was breaking up with Chad Gilbert
She’s 27 in those pics, Goddamit I’m so old :frowning:

At first I’d say none.

Although, I guess there was one at some point, Maisie Williams.


None. Celebrity crushes are the most weak and utterly cucked thing you could ever have. Its okay to admire great actors though.

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If I’m already an incel then why should I care if I’m also a cuck?


Cucks seek to oppress incels.

tbh, I think the definition of one contradicts the other.
as a “cuck” is usually married, and while that doesn’t mean he can’t be celibate, it does at least mean he isn’t living alone.

We arent using dictionary definitions here, i think he means cuck as an idea not an actual literal cuck.

Yes, you’re right. And watching porn can also be considered “cuck-y” because you’re basically getting a boner while you watch the woman of your dreams being fucked by a chad.

yes thats tru

What if it’s solo porn? Or POV porn?

Either way, I’m not convinced that frequent porn usage increases degenerate behavior/preferences. It’s unhealthy probably, but not (much) more than too much video games or TV consumption.