Who is your celebrity crush?

If you could only pick one. Bonus points if they are living.

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Eva Green


Hayley Williams circa now

Was not into her emo phase. Not sure if it’s a crush or I just like her music, which is mostly about depression and struggle to an uptempo beat nowadays. If it’s a crush, it’s a shallow crush and the fact that she is blond and skinny is not so unique

Natalie Portman


I can’t say I have a current celebrity crush, however when I was in high school, mid-90’s, I had a huge crush on Helen Hunt. I used to have this exact photo of her that I carried around in my binder. However my crush was more her character from her show, “Mad About You”, rather than her. Married to a geeky documentary filmmaker, no kids (for the first few seasons anyways), a dog, an apartment, and just a young couple in love. This is what I wanted in my life, a life like that. Eventually I realized that my fantasy was just a fantasy, and women like that don’t really exist.

I try not to crush on anyone these days. What’s the point?