Who was the biggest narcissist from the Facebook group?

  • Kim
  • James Ash
  • Anthony Beckett
  • Laura
  • Stephen

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no shihab option?

o :b: en :b: oll


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it was either Persephone or Leonardo.

persephone narra? she was only in for like 2 weeks

i dunno. the one with the really awkward youtube videos where she talks about beta â– â– â– â– â– . she was around for months, though, and i think eventually kicked for soliciting incels to pay her.

yea that was a LOOOONG time ago


TFW i wasn’t an option despite being the groups token chad.
You just need confidence vro


Persephone’s videos are super toxic, she presents as trying to help beta incels while at the same time, humiliating them and spreading anti-male ideas that betas sole purpose is to be used as cucks and atms

She is being dishonest with herself and not explaining the real reason she wants betas out of the gene pool. The real reason is, men in general look apish and disgusting to look at, it isn’t their “personality”. She can c ope with chads that look more evolved and also with alphas that use women as cum dumpster (focus is on the woman sexually) instead of betas who want to maintain focus during intercourse

Sounds like Dr. NerdLove :unamused: