Why the words c uck and soyboy are anti-male

Censored the word cu ck a week ago.

Why? C uck means someone who is not manly enough to keep a girl in a monogamous relationship or someone who is generally effeminate or weak. Weak men are both important and necessary to society.

As incel wiki writer Jet112 explains:

Also, as far as effeminate men, 90% of the men on incels.net an incels.co and here are weak men with no muscles. Incels are not masculine or else they would have a girlfriend. Making fun of effeminate men is anti-incel, and repeat attempts at doing so will generate warnings.

“Incels are not masculine or else they would have a girlfriend.”

I have a beard and I can’t get a girlfriend if my life depended on it. I used to be jealous of the more “pretty” (effeminately beautiful) men because I assumed that they got all the women, but to be honest I think it’s more my personality. I have a mental health and/or personality problem.

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Continuing off my previous comment, I think a lot of people who can’t get sex or a relationship say it’s about their masculinity or their looks, but to be honest I have seen lots of really weird and ugly guys in happy relationships. I have seen gay people, masculine men, feminine men, trans men, trans women, etc all in happy relationships. I think some people are just psychologically messed up or in a bad place. Like I am sure there is someone in a happy relationship with regular sex who is uglier and more feminine than me. I am kind of self-centered and that gets in my way - it’s psychological.

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C uck doesn’t mean weak when blackpillers use it, only when tradc ucks use it. It means you let your wife be a w hore, or you marry a w hore. I have many weak friends who aren’t c ucks. C ucks must be shamed if we want to get out of inceldom, because c ucks are pathetic and bring men down.

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Can you please edit the N word in this… Cmon that’s super offensive

i didnt write that part

so what exactly does it mean when you call someone a c uck and they dont date?

Because they’re being whiteknights, or agree with men getting c ucked by old used rosties.

I see the point here where you are bashing, ironically, Cuckservatives who expect men to “man up” or follow traditional gender roles when doing so often lands them in nothing but trouble in a modern, misandrist society in which women themselves aren’t confined to their respective roles at all.

Cuckservatives are, as already described, so called “right wingers” who suffer from a peculiar sort of cognitive dissonance in which they conveniently ignore the emancipation of females from their traditional roles while insisting men carry on as before.

Cuckservatives have nothing to say about ■■■■ shaming, but many will not hesitate to virgin shame.

■■■■■ in general like to “White Knight” or behave in a manner where they give up their principles in order to agree with an unprincipled THOT in the hope they will receive sexual gratification in exchange for their submission.

These men are the worst, Incel or not. They are at the bottom of the barrel, and arguably the worst lifeforms on this planet, because they are the enablers that permitted this societal problem to occur in the first place.

nah it seems to usually be shaming men who are not masculine

but maybe that is how you use the term

Most effeminate/gay men aren’t on our side either because white knighting is their strategy or because they are ignorant about the nature of modern females as a result of their attraction to males.

So there’s a lot of overlap and they get hated on for that as well.

You can be 4’10 with no muscle, but if you don’t take shit from modern females, then you aren’t a ■■■■.

Shaming men for not being “alpha” enough is something red pillers and pua’s do. You can easily tell the difference in the context it’s being used in. That’s why censorship is not the answer.

Also why is cu ck blocked and not ■■■■■ and other things like that? I’m cool with ■■■■ being censored if you want, but ya shouldnt be one sided. There are anti-women words that could be block even if you don’t want to block ■■■■■.

Also @others. why is it always assumed people are whiteknighting, if this is the internet? Like totally you could do that if it were your close friend and you knew their true intentions, but how can you tell that here we don’t have feminist men?

Feminist men aren’t men. They are f a gg o t s

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Being masculine today won’t get you a girlfriend lol more like the opposite be a femenine guy that looks like a kpop artist


you still need that coconut oil massage baby?

Based and fagpilled

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oofy doofy theory and femininemax theory is fucking retarded contrarianism invented by people like helloverthedashboardlight

oh also nice job on incelcon!