Why this isn't taken seriously

Stop wondering why, the data shows it.

this is not widely known, and by that I mean this is kind of obscure data.
I think the only reason it’s not “taken seriously” is that people don’t know/realize it’s validity.

having said that, I refuse to let this, the world, rile me up and spin me around.
we can’t change the hand we were dealt in life, but we can change how we play.
maybe, I am a FA but I’m not going to hate other people because of it.

a friend of mine was telling me the other night that he actually has to turn down women. (he’s a bit of a chad. but he’s a nice guy, we’ve been friends for years)
man, I wanted to yell at him, that felt so unfair.
but that wouldn’t have solved anything, and it wouldn’t have made anything better. it only would have solidified that feeling of being cheated in life.
nah, I think I’ll stick with enjoying what I have in life instead of obsessing over the things I don’t.

(this isn’t really a reproach to you restart80, I’m just venting and stating my mental course)