Women are subhuman

Does everyone agree that women are wretched inferior subhuman vermin who are only in this world to serve their male superiors ?


dude… no, everyone does not agree with that. take a chill pill, man.
if you want to woman-hate, there are other forums for that.


Can’t really get on boat with that idea. lol

I actually think that both sexes are on an equal power dynamic. It’s not that Men are being dealt a bad card… it’s mostly unattractive / low-status men who are being dealt a bad card. High status men are having a baller.

In the past low status men generally benefitted from arranged marriage and all that, yes.

But that’s not a very cool society and quite frankly… most incels would just curl up into a fetal position because men would be expected to work all the jobs… fight wars… behave like men… etc.

In other words: You don’t get to sit on your ass and play video games in a real patriarchy.

Ultimately, it will be android companions and sex robots that will solve this problem… but that also creates a new problem: The problem of Meaning and Purpose.

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I am not a historian, sociologist, anthropologist, so I can’t speak in any authority here. But I sometimes wonder if it is actually better for us men today. In the past there were lots of poor people, yes still lots of poor today but even the poor seem better off today. The poor now have cell phones and internet, if not at home then the local library. Less medical care. And we couldn’t have the operations that we now know how to do today. No braces. More malnutrition. Sickness and diseases that left us sickly, crippled, disfigured. The transportation was a lot worst. With car or train can now travel miles to another city in an hour or even few minutes to try to see if the girls there are any different.

Incels are heard today because of technology. But what of back then? It might very well be that there were more incels then. Even in arrange marriages, who do you think got in arranged into marriage or the better types of arrange marriage? The rich with money who were fed, had better nutrition and developed better, got good education, wore good clothes, taught social graces, etc.

Yes there are some new things that are making it difficult for men. So one is what some people might call extreme or radical feminism, where I can’t even look at a girl and smile at her else I’m met with hostility. Yes I want women to be safe, and free from harassment. But not even being able to smile and say hello to a girl is ridiculous.

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I thought the sexual revolution was a good thing. I know many incels seem to not like it, escpecially in other forums. But if you have girls who aren’t afraid to approach men, then that’s definitely good, especially to shy men. And the idea that a girl should be so modest and shouldn’t do that was challenged. Is that a feminist idea? Then that’s a good kind of feminism. But now there’s this stuff about the male gaze. I’ll agree that there are the ones in poor taste, like cat calls. But like I said, saying hello in a friendly way, even some compliments is not a bad thing.

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Is there any evidence that feminism encourages women to approach shy men more or is that just the egalitarianism of various places that feminism happens to reside in?

Not sure myself, that’s why I posed more as a question

Men are more subhuman than women

Get with the program

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Neither gender is subhuman tbh tbh

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I’ll answer your question.

Feminism did absolutely nothing for shy males. The expectation is at least 99% the same as it was in the 1950s. Take it from me, living in one of the most Feminist countries in the world of Canada. Girls don’t make the first move. They only like to pretend they do.

It makes me cringe to see people post this mentality on here in 2019 because it is the same mentality I had so many years earlier. Better not to learn the hard way.

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welcome to incelistan Pastelle.

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I think what men like of us have come to realize, is that we’ve been lied to, and lied to by women throughout our lives. For me, I was taught that women were the softer, kinder, more compassionate sex, the ones who don’t judge a book by it’s cover, and that for men, especially the beta males, that personality and character are far more important than physical looks ever will be to a woman. These so-called traits that women posses are a complete and utter lie. Women can be just as nasty, cruel, shallow, vain, superficial and vicious as any man.

The whole “confidence” is all you need to attract a woman is also I think what men like myself have finally woken up to, that it’s also a lie. Confidence is a secret word for “good looks” with women. Many of them may even believe it, but subconsciously are still using looks as the most important trait when choosing a mate. Having been basically brainwashed throughout most of our entire lives to believe this to be true, then growing into adulthood and seeing in-fact the complete opposite, there’s a reason why so many of us are bitter, and in growing numbers. Technology mixed with modern feminism has created this perfect storm where women are now able to be even more pickier and choosier of who they mate with that can span their entire lives. The so-called “wall” that MGTOW likes to proclaim exists, really doesn’t. There enough thirsty men in the world that even a dried up old senior citizen who needs some loving, those men will take whatever they can get, therefore eliminating “the wall” theory.

So many good men, men who may be beta, but at the heart of it, were raised to act that way, are now being punished by the society and women that helped shape them into that. Then these same women will proclaim these men aren’t alpha enough for them to want to develop a relationship with.

Women created their own monster, but the problem is that our generation will never live long enough for them to fully understand the repercussions they created.

I’m not anti-woman, or anti-equal rights, I’m anti-bullshit, and men have been bullshitted to for the last 50 years about women’s true intentions when it comes to love and picking a partner, and so many of us are now suffering for it.

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I agree, i hope we make law that all women must do what men want.

hello Alrev welcome to incelistan.

also… that’s absurd. literally.


Wattup alrev

To be fair, what is happening in the modern world right now is absurd. But it’s still happening.

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thats interesting, I didn’t know that was a thing.

also, welcome to incelistan Leftist.