Words like "femoids" "foids" "whores" etc. is dehumanizing or insulting to women

I see these words (“femoids” “■■■■■” “■■■■■■” etc.) used a lot instead of “women”. I would appreciate it if people said “women” instead of “■■■■”.

I feel that replacing the word “women” with “■■■■■” also kind of masks how insulting something is. For example, if someone says “■■■■■ are ■■■■■■” it doesn’t sound as obviously insulting as saying “women are ■■■■■■”.

In the past, I got rejected by a homeless woman who used to work as a prostitute despite the fact that I was making lots of money. Not all women are ■■■■■■ (gold diggers, etc).


Lol what

these words are usually used as insults by people who feel wronged and cheated.
wanting to lash out at all women, they started using dehumanizing language, but lately it seems almost acceptable to use these terms as general nouns.

this is not acceptable language.
I’m not going to police anyone, but I’m putting my hand up saying this isn’t okay.


Go awf John and thanks for standing up for women in a place where people dont respect us is very admirable. I hope you apply this to real life incidents too :slight_smile:


jfl at the thought of feeling dehumanized because an incel called you a ■■■■

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it is though, if a someone gets called “trash” it’s dehumanizing them, it’s taking away the descriptor of them being human.
maybe some are desensitized to it, but theres all kinds of insults that people use for one another that are degrading by nature.
I realize thats point.
I’m just saying, insults are not acceptable to casually use as a generalization.


TFW people are offended by words on an Internet forum

For me, its not really offense as much as concern. Creating these new words is akin to calling cow meat beef or deer meat venison. Im no vegan but it kinda obfuscates the thing youre actually referring to and just kinda treats women as an “other”


Agreed tbh, incels that call women these words (which only started happening like year or 2 ago) are edgy cringy little copelords.

Hating badly on women has ALWAYS been a huge incel ■■■■ tbh and most incels became aware of this, only these new cringe-tier copetard incels still ■■■■ with this.


Only ■■■■■ become whiteknights for useless ■■■■■ that won’t give them pussy. The only women I defend are my mother and if I had a wife.

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When I say ■■■■■, ■■■■■, etc… I’m not talking about faithful virgins or women who got married at a young age and stayed in a stable relationship. I’m talking about ■■■■■■ and chad dick chasers.

Good thing you were banned from .co. They need less ■■■■■ like you to not get in the way of spreading the ■■■■■■■■■. Dehumanizing the enemy, ■■■■■■ and chad dicks chasers, is the first step. We dehumanize ■■■■■ as well, so we’re not sexist.

:joy: Conflicted cognitive dissonance retardcel detected.

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what a shame, it was the best place on the internet early 2018

How is that cognitive dissonance bitchcel?

“Wahh all ■■■■■ are bitches!! Except for my precious mother! Don’t say anything about my beautiful mother you dirty incels!! Wahh!”

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My mom got married to her looksmatch as a virgin. I don’t hate all ■■■■■, only the chad dick chasing ■■■■■■ like I said a million times, you retarded ■■■ ■■■■.

“My mom wasn’t one of those Chad-■■■■■■! I only hate Chad ■■■■■! I can tell which are Chad ■■■■■ ■■■■■ and which are good pure women! Respect my incel authority!”

Lol @you cringy idiot, back to dot co with the rest of the coping edge-tard shitheads

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golden quote


So you hate women for dating? I’m confused. So say I date a person for a year and he’s abusive so I leave, then am alone for 3 years and date again and get engaged to that person, am I automatically a ■■■■■ for being with two people? Pure confusion right now