Would femcels consider dating anyone here?

I want to know because it’s a question that poke around my mind constantly.

yeah, I wonder that too, but honestly, theres more to a good relationship than just both parties being lonely.

unless you’re just talking about a hook-up, or FWB.

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I would, but ya being an incel cant be the only thing we have in common.



I have had two online relationships with so called “femcels”, both of which lived in Australia. Needless to say I wasn’t impressed in the end. Like being promised to meet irl, to suddenly ghosting or leaving with a lot of BS excuses. The second one promised to actually travel all the way there to see me, which would have been a huge boost to my trust in her loyalty. But, same old in the end.

I would find it very difficult to emotionally invest in anyone online anymore; it is too flimsy. Too many women going around screwing things up. Suppose someone could try putting up with it and/or disproving me if they wish.

I mean, no offence at all, but did you consider it had anything to do with you? If you did think and literally u Did everything you thought is right, then you good, but just wondering…

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No offence, but did you actually consider and offer to go over and visit her instead of asking her to travel to see you

His point further proves my point when I say online dating is for the dogs. There is 0 trust factor. You can’t trust someone based on what and how they type lol

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You can’t trust anyone tbh. People you date are entire mystery and you just are required to hope they aren’t lying to you.

With that said, this has never been my experience and I don’t want to use as a reason to stop doing what I’m doing. I’ll retract if I ever run into something problematic.


Are you currently dating someone online? You may choose not to answer this but I can very well prove that if you are, there is 0 trust in your relationship. There’s a reason why online dating is at the bottom of the barrel.

There’s a reason why Incel dating sites fail, and it’s not because of lack of trust.

Generally speaking… people want to date successful people… and when you have an entire community devoted to venting about being unsuccessful, then that’s a huge boner-killer for everyone involved.

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No. Both cases were just “so busy” all of the time. When talking it was all fine, but often she would ghost for up to 3 weeks at a time and I eventually got pissed off.

When the ghosting started it was completely at random in both cases. Then I started to become angry/resentful (this was also less than a year ago). I mean anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks, several times. And this is when people have cell phones. Both were 18-19 years old.

The first case we never had a specific plan to meet. But the second one actually told me she was saving up to come see me. I never asked her to do that, she just initiated the idea. At no point did I even try to pressure her to hurry up with it.

Then one day after a 2 week ghost she said she was way too busy (taking care of her sick mother, etc listing a bunch of things) and couldn’t do online dating again, and felt it hurt too much not to be able to see each other irl, I offered what I had saved in my bank to help pay for her trip but she just said “I feel awful expecting you to pay a cent for me to get there.”

So, yeah.

Yeah you really can’t.

Based on the things she said to me, if I can’t trust her (the second one), I’ve lost trust in everyone.

She made me go from redpill to ■■■■■■■■■.

yes, I would much rather date someone who has struggled with the same things I have in the past, had a nonviolent attitude about it, and moved past it.

But me rn? I’m honestly not ready to date


No because I’m too young :frowning:


no because i probably won’t end meeting them irl

Trust me some delusional fags in here actually prefer online dating than actually meeting someone irl

But then again chances are that they are in their 30s and jobless. So it doesn’t surprise me much

I completely and totally agree and that is why I no longer bother with online stuff for the most part unless it seems genuine. I want to meet someone for a relationship preferably locally. If I cannot, being single is going to be my mantra, sort of MGTOW but not using the label. I have actually lately been thinking about becoming a hermit, but I still have some hope for now.