Would you date lovely peaches?

We look identical except I’m shorter.


It’s possible that people here have no idea who you are talking about without a picture.



We’re going to need more information and definitely a photo if we’re to go on anything.

OP is a shorter version of:

On topic:

My answer is a solid no. But there’s hope: Losing (a lot of) weight and a good makeup would make me consider asking her out.

By losing weight and applying nice makeup you could look like Rosario Dawson.


I think we can all agree she’s a good looking woman. And she’s 40!

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I don’t do black, so no, but I’m sure there are other men here that would.

I don’t mind chunky women myself as I’m not exactly skinny but overweight will always be a problem though.

Some women can pull off being chunky and still look good. I was looking at this chunky blonde yesterday and I was imagining what it would be like climbing on top of her naked buttocks or ass like a mountaineer.

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Yeah that’s right

I wish I could show the wig, I just bought. Losing weight wouldn’t change my face. Also rejected by 2 more incels.

You can! No need to show your face if you don’t feel like it.

It would make you a butterface, and I wouldn’t mind dating a girl with less-than-beautiful face as long as her body is hot – that’s a personal preference of mine but I’m sure a hot body can get you a boyfriend regardless of your face.

You right, my body looks horrible, but I’m in the hospital and I’m not allowed to exercise or diet.

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That sorry ^

What happened?

Eating disorder treatment