Y'all been quiet

I haven’t heard from anyone in a while. How’s your week been? Any weekend plans? Any updates? Whats your end of the year goals? Spill the tea

coping and ldaring. i think ill watch a movie later

“spill the tea”? I thought you were Canadian not British.

yeah, not much is going on lately with me either… just… existing, so theres that.
I hope everyone had a good week. and has a good upcoming week.

No ldar on my watch. Which movie

Too positive lol. Go away.

Existing is still good, how’s the summer going. Is it almost dead for you?

it is almost dead. starting to cool off around my area.
I wish I could say it was a good summer. but… it could have been worse.

I’ve been feeling shittier than ever lately. I’m stranded in college far from home with no friends. It’s not fun.

Edit: Custom fonts have been disabled, and now I can no longer use Comic Sans. A truly subpar experience.

Is it your first year?

Meh, no, no, and nothing.


Wow, that sucks ass. My condolences.

I’m in my last year… of a 2-year post-graduate degree after I finished a 4-year Bachelor’s degree.

Whatcha studying?

Awww I hated my first year. What are you studying? How’s the area? What are you doing to get out?

I read that as “what are planning to do when you get out”

clangs cup across the bars of my prison cell
I don knoh’ I ain’t much thought ‘bout it, whachu doin’ when you git out?

definitely shagging my wife m8e

Haven’t figured it out yet. I don’t know what I’ll be majoring in either.

I found it really helpful to join a club after chronic depression

Caught a parasite from the order Strepsiptera for my insect collection over the weekend. You can find them by looking for paper wasps with a deformed abdomen—this indicates the presence of a Strepsiptera pupal case. Paper wasps congregate on goldenrod around this time of year because it is in bloom.

You a bio lover? Are you in that field?

NEETing and having fun 3d printing all day.