Yang is a god

Change my mind

yang made a book, buy his book for bux. he is a hero and god of society he will save america
remember to buy his book for bux and to support Yang

book bux=yang bux

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Feed me yang-bux daddy…

I like yang

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Good. Yang is a god.

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Yang is such an accelerationist

shoving sweets down people’s mouths
telling people everyone can get 12 thousand dollars of free money with no issues

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Read his books.

Do you really doubt the maths of an Asian?

( i say this while sitting on Chair of High Council like in a movie.)

Is he socialist/leftist? If yes I hate him.

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Hmm I thought you disliked capitalism.

My very first post in this forum was my political compass. I’m a right-wing libertarian.

libertarianism/anarchy is silly. We live in civilization not some jungle.

I’m not ancap, I’m more like a minarchist.

Regardless, Yang is our best bet for president. He isn’t part of the special club like the rest of them.

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I just learnt this motherfucker suggests paying $1k as basic income. That’s sad and hilarious at the same time. I hope he dies asap.

You. Dont. Insult. A. God.

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Yang for one of two outcomes:

  1. It actually works, and things get better.
  2. Accelerate civilizational collapse if his plan fails.

Either one is better than carrying on in this dystopia.

I don’t think Yang is a “feminist” though. I haven’t heard much from him, but I hear he is sympathetic to incels and acknowledges the massive growing problems forced onto young males.

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Do you unironically believe that it has a slightly chance of not ruining everything?

Well, you know where I stand.

United States economy is going to collapse and dollars very soon will be worthless.

In reality it really doesn’t matter who wins in 2020 because this nation is fucked anyways.

I haven’t voted in seventeen years and I don’t plan on voting this year either.



You don’t understand the cost of living in North America lol. It probably sounds like a lot in Brazil but in North America that’s not even enough to pay rent lol. The only funny part is that a basic income should be more than 1k