Yangers being btfo at the caucuses tonight

there were only like 5 of them at this one precinct, and they were mostly young fat and with neckbeards.


Sanders had 90 by comparison

Sanders is shit.

tbf sanders supporters also looked pretty rough

Sanders supporters are a bunch of white straight “cis” male hating degenerates.

Of course they always look like they just crawled out of a homosexual orgy.

There is no way Sanders, Warren, or Yang is going to win. Literally nobody in the United States government gives a shit about America’s poor and those with wealth are content on fucking the poor in the ass. Fucking the poor in the ass is a long time honored tradition of the United States.

I’m not voting at all in 2020 just like the previous seventeen years where I didn’t vote either.

This entire government is morally bankrupted and sick where the entire democratic process is either run by imbeciles, banks, or international corporations. I fucking hate this country and nation. I hate and despise a majority of my own fellow Americans, they’re a bunch of mental retards.

To hell with both political parties owned by Wallstreet and fuck all the cuckservative morons that support Trump, they’re a bunch of fucking morons also.

I just want this nation to collapse already because that’s the only way it’s going to get better.

Giant meteor, mushroom cloud, economic collapse, or viral pandemic 2020.

That’s what I would be voting for in my elections because this nation is entirely damned.

they’re busy rigging the iowa results right now. it looks likes sanders won so they are doing damage control by delaying the results indefinitely

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I don’t like Sanders for more reasons than just one, however the neo-liberal democratic crony capitalists [a slightly different shade not by much than their republican counterparts] are very afraid of a people’s grassroots revolt in this country that would essentially fracture the entire democratic party as a whole politically. Wealthy democrats are scared to death of this but really it isn’t all that surprising considering wealthy democrats have been giving lip service to economic equality for years without doing anything of any real significance where now since there is an actual leader that says he is going to initiate such economic reforms [real or imaginary] the politically moderate wealthy democrats are being abandoned completely. So naturally the wealthy moderate democrats politically are absolutely fucking terrified that the disgruntled peasants are revolting against their sphere of influence.

Understanding the republican party in contrast is pretty much simple, it’s a bunch of elderly boomers that don’t want people on their lawns who hate paying property taxes in their retirement and hate the idea of economic socialism unless it’s their social security, pensions, or Medicaid in which case they’re entitled to it all and fuck everybody else. Then you have the usual corporate heads, banking mafiosos, and people of business that like the economic status quo because they absolutely don’t ever want to see higher wages in this country ever. [Not that it much matters with things like taxation, inflation, and constant rising costs of living in general. Higher wages will simply be allocated to all of that anyways.]

Either way, both political parties are full of shit in this country because if they had a shred of decency, honesty, or integrity they would be talking about how our monetary bankrupted nation is on the verge of economic collapse but a big fat chance of that ever happening, that will never happen in either political party.

Honestly I can’t wait for this nation to collapse, it’s been a long time coming. I want to see a violent revolution in this country, I daydream about it daily.

I want to see this nation burn to the ground…

I want to tap dance on its smoldering ashes.

A Dem party split isn’t happening as there would need to be more party officials on Bernie’s side of which there are none.

Green Party has recruited Sanders many times. He’s not gonna join them. Even if he did it wouldn’t matter much.

It really wasn’t hostile. The Yang folks mostly moved into the Sanders’ camps during the 2nd and 3rd rounds of caucus voting.

The rich elite wont let honest people like Yang have a chance.

And the sheeple are too dumb to not be cucks, they dont want to vote for someone like Yang because he believes in border security. Also most leftists are racists as well, they hate Asians and want to vote for Sanders simply because he is Jewish.