Yo we featured in a BBC doc

Matt C. is in it. They took screens of this site instead of the more active FB group.

traffic is spiking a bit, but not much
the doc is only available in the UK, like they literally walled off everyone else, so its not gonna get that much viewership

I watched it. It was more fair towards us than other docs by virtue of Matt and this forum entirely.

Why’d they include catfishman? He’s not even a part of any incel forums and routinely brags about not being an incel. He was banned from incels.co a while ago or something. At least they were nice towards our forum. They said our forum was non-violent etc…

they banned him before they came down to film

banned who?


Yea @IMthegirlfriendnow traffic is getting crazy
All lurkers lol

The most shocking part was the thing about the ease at which ‘the top guys’ can hoover up demand from ‘the middle girls’, “one girl an hour” I think was the quote. to some extent some girls do this too (professionally typically) but they have social pressure not to(or used to), and pressure from pimptypes and the like in the opposite direction (I’ve often wondered if all street gangs condoned prostitution). Can monogamy last in such a fast paced world or are there ways to regulate it? My other thought was that people posting their relationship status on a public platform(e.g. fb) would be the answer to that, making fb a kind of marrigae licence bureaux. but fb is pretty messed up anyways and im not sure there are sufficiently large centers of gravity of monogamy to make being outcast from such small groups much of an economic/(or other resource) downside. In any case a very throught provoking show. I think far too many people need to stear out of the idea that they are inextricably being sucked into a mental illness and simply be more reflective in their thinking. This is at least one way to ensure that bad experinces make you stronger, at least in my experince.

And now I am here.
Newb alert


we have a femcel subforum now


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I think both is true for me???

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How do I get BBC :frowning:

Some black incelistan forum users have remarked that every time they unzip their pants, they have an opportunity to talk to the BBC if they want